Life Alignment

Life Alignment:

An umbrella title for several different therapies – Body Spin, Body Alignment, Life Purpose Alignment, Vortex Alignment, Home Alignment and Organizational Alignment; that works on energy fields. Our view: People store memories in the cells in the body, which is called cellular memory; which often are negative memories, possibly resulting in physical problems. “We store stress in different parts of our bodies, some people consistently have stiff shoulders, necks; others overeat or don’t eat; while some people develop stomach problems when under stress.”

Did you know that specific emotions are stored in specific parts of the body?


This is a holistic tool used to assist in healing and personal transformation, simple and effective; used by ordinary people all over the globe. Life Alignment is currently practiced in approximately 21 countries worldwide.

“Life Alignment identifies the energetic and emotional root cause of imbalance in your body, helps you release these blockages and then restore the natural flow of life energy so that deep healing can occur.

The cause of all imbalance and dis-ease is found within the subtle fields which later manifests in the physical body.  Life Alignment works in this subtle realm which is far more receptive to change than the dense physical.  By changing the pattern at a subtle level (cause) it then reflects in the physical world.   The physical body merely responds to the changes that happen at the subtle levels.”

“Through working with the whole person and their environment, Life Alignment provides a field for profound change, through identifying the root cause of energy imbalances that result in illness and lack of personal fulfilment. This gentle process of identification and self-reflection uncovers negative thought patterns that sap our energy and delay the changes we desire.”

It is our subconscious librarythat “knows” the stories we hold from our past, our experiences and life journey; where they are buried within our body, and WHEN we are READY to let them go. The release from fears and doubts opens the heart to presence and trust.

“Our bodies are a profound organism, which is designed to accommodate and express the essence of who we are. The body’s cellular memory or bio-computer guides the practitioner to the appropriate priority (the body, a life experience, an emotion, a feeling, etc.)! It also works with the whole person taking into account all aspects of their being i.e. body, mind, spirit – a holistic experience in one session.


How does it work?
Life Alignment Practitioners access an inner intelligence (or the bio-computer) with the use of applied kinesiology and pendulum indication.  They firstly identify the story, circuitry, and the energy flow around the imbalance. Then balance the energy flow while releasing the trauma and the charge around the story. Old negative programs are replaced with positive ones that affect all aspects of life including the physical body. “

We work according to the body’s priority, which we find by tuning into the energy field of the person being worked on. “We access the problem area by lightly touching the specific body point required for that session, similar to acupuncture process – to access organs, glands, etc. in the body. These points has emotions connected to it, which we access by number; we check for a specific time frame/age so to locate the root of the “issue”, and further more techniques that are used. Due to the specific techniques we use, we are completely free from judging, assuming or using our own perceptions during a session with a client. The process is safe, gentle and can be used on people - children, adults, senior citizens, animals, homes, organizations.

Can you give us a practical example?
“I ask the client certain yes/no questions and with the help of muscle testing (as in kinesiology) I receive an answer. If the muscle stays “strong”, I know that the answer to my question is “yes” or that something is of benefit to the client. Of course, if the muscle goes “weak” then the opposite is the case. I have many lists of so-called body points and emotions (amongst other things), and with the help of a pendulum I establish at which point in the body the issue has manifested or is in the process of manifesting and which emotions are causing the blockage. This is only a very simplified description of the process.”  

What conditions do you use this technique to treat?
“We work by priority – this means the client’s body tells us what is most important at this very point in time. So if the client tells me, “I came here for my allergies”, and the body might consider it more important to work with a past-life episode and so we do this first.  We don’t treat, we balance and could deal with any number of conditions, including foreign energy, constipation, allergies and sensitivities, body and frequency alignment, cellular regeneration and residue balances (for example after cancer treatment), DNA activation, hormone imbalances, astrological alignment, iris balances, home and business alignments, finding one’s life purpose.” and more.”

Is life alignment used in conjunction with other modalities?
“Not per se, but it can be used with whatever modality the client is already using. It does not interfere with anything, not even with allopathic medicine and medication. But it is important not to overload the body with healing. That is why the first thing the practitioner does is ask permission from the body to conduct the session. Sometimes this permission is not given and the practitioner of course respects that.”

Vortex Technology

“Through the use of highly energized magnetic Vortex Cards that work on the inner environment (the body) and the outer environment, Vortex Alignment brings a revolutionary technology and an invaluable dimension to Life Alignment.

 For the body, the cards help to accelerate the healing process.”

"Once we begin to understand that we are primarily spiritual beings working through the limitations of physical bodies, our consciousness begins to change."?    Jeff Levin, The creator, an architect by trade from South Africa.


Important Note:

We never promise to cure anything. As a Life Alignment practitioner; I only facilitate, support and guide the body’s healing process with the skills, knowledge, techniques that I have acquired over the years as well as with a personal interest and care in the well-being of others. Life Alignment is a complimentary modality, not an alternative therapy option – meaning that “we work with clients on all sorts of allopathic medication, which we never tell them to stop taking. Any decision to cut out medication has to be made with their doctor.”

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