Long Distance Sessions

Long Distance Session:

This is an effective 21st century method to utilize Body Alignment energy work with people who cannot or who are not able to be physically present for the session.

The distance is irrelevant, and the balance is carried out in the same way as if the person is present; except a body chart is used instead of the person's physical body.

On Who:
This simple method is successfully carried out for sessions on children (who may be unable to sit or lie still for the session), on animals, on "people who may be hospitalized or in a coma, or on people who are located at a distance."

What is required:
A DNA sample such as a hair strand, nail clipping; or their signature, a drawing, a photo; something which holds the person/animal's energy. This is used as a way of connecting with the person/animal.

Energetic Permission required:
On all sessions we check for permission which is an energetic agreement between us and what we call the universe/higher self.

Why permission may not be granted:

  • Person may not be ready or not willing to make changes
  • Karma
  • Person requesting the session may be overwhelmed/overloaded at time of the session
  • Person may be dehydrated, and required to drink some water before the session may commence
  • Practitioner may be dehydrated, and required to drink some water before the balance may commence

Fee includes:

  • 10 - 15 min's consultation via email, telephone or skype
  • Report or Feedback via email after session completed within 24 hours.
  • Cost: local ZAR 400.00
  • Duration: in total 45min's to 1hour (may be longer, depending on content of session).


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